Our models sometimes get asked to visit factories in other countries and two of our models have just been away in Italy to do exactly this. The reason models get taken abroad to visit factories is so that the brands that are based in the UK can visit the people that are making their clothes, when they wouldn’t normally get to meet them in person. Sometimes an email just doesn’t quite comprehend what they want to say. When the brand meet the factory workers they can check on the make and the fit of the garments and show exactly what they want altered.

Hard work

Factory visits for models can be exciting and fun but often rather gruelling. The days can be very long and the models are often standing in high heels all day long. Some of our models speak the language of the country they are visiting but some don’t which can make communication a bit difficult. One of our models that has recently flown out to Italy is Beata. Check out her model card here.

A chance to explore

On the rare moment that our models get some down time, they can go for a wonder and explore the town or city that they’re in. Look at what fun Beata had whilst out and about in Florence.