January in Paris means one thing…Paris Couture Week. You may have seen the show stopping images online but did you know that once it leaves the runway it goes straight into the showroom…

What happens in the showroom

A showroom is a place to showcase the garments from the designers. The garments are often all hung up on rails and buyers can choose which items they want to see on the models waiting out the back in the changing room. This helps the buyers choose what want to put in their shops. At some showroom they will put on mini fashion shows where the models will show every item in the range.

Our models in Paris

We have been sending two of our showroom models, Katerina and Imola to Paris for Couture week for three years now. The schedule can be very tough but they do have a little downtime outside of showroom opening hours to have a mooch about town. Have a look through our models photo album below to see the sights of Paris.

Why not book our models.
If you would like to book Imola or Katerina, here are their model cards:

Paris Couture Week | Fittings Division